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Wireless Remote Access Policy Security Implementation Guide


Date Finding Count (3)
2011-10-10 CAT I (High): 0 CAT II (Med): 0 CAT III (Low): 3
STIG Description
This STIG contains the policy, training, and operating procedure security controls for the use of wireless LAN clients in the DoD environment.

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Findings (MAC II - Mission Support Public)

Finding ID Severity Title
V-25036 Low If wireless remote access is approved for use, the site's SSP must include wireless remote access equipment and locations (site network Wi-Fi, home, hotel, public hotspots, etc.) approved for site personnel.
V-25034 Low Users must receive training on required topics before they are authorized to access a DoD network via a wireless remote access device.
V-25035 Low The site must have a Wireless Remote Access Policy signed by the site DAA, Commander, Director, or other appropriate authority.