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V-51379 is in the RHEL 6 XML profiles but there is no associated content so you will not see references to this ID on the site at this time.

Welcome to STIG Viewer

Finally, a better way to use the STIGs!


Welcome to STIG Viewer

Content Update The July 2014 STIGs have been imported, with a ton of new additions!

Site Update You'll notice a few new things about the site:

  • Permanent, user-friendly URLs!
  • DoD 8500 Controls hotlinked in
  • Historic versions of each STIG (back to 2012)
  • Excel, JSON and XML exports of every STIG!
  • NIST SP 800-53 Controls browsable added

The site is now entering beta, as the database has grown and settled in design, and the functionality is stable. The permanent URLs are a great benefit - you can now link to a specific STIG and it's checks, and they won't change when a new STIG version is released.


The content contained within this site is taken from the DISA FSO publicly available archive of STIG content (which is Public Domain information). DISA FSO does not endorse, collaborate or have anything to do with '', so please do not call them for support or questions about this site.

All of the UNCLASS DISA STIGs (no SIPRNet, no FOUO) contained in the STIG 'zip' archive as of July 2014 are included in this online, searchable, browseable index.

When a new archive is released each quarter, the site will be updated to reflect that as well.

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