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The Photon operating system TDNF package management tool must cryptographically verify the authenticity of all software packages during installation.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-258846 PHTN-40-000130 SV-258846r933599_rule High
Installation of any nontrusted software, patches, service packs, device drivers, or operating system components can significantly affect the overall security of the operating system. This requirement ensures the software has not been tampered with and has been provided by a trusted vendor.
VMware vSphere 8.0 vCenter Appliance Photon OS 4.0 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2023-10-29


Check Text ( C-62586r933597_chk )
At the command line, run the following command to verify software packages are cryptographically verified during installation:

# grep '^gpgcheck' /etc/tdnf/tdnf.conf

Example result:


If "gpgcheck" is not set to "true", "1", or "yes", this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-62495r933598_fix)
Navigate to and open:


Add or update the following line: