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There are no backup and recovery procedures for the Sun Ray system.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-16415 SUN0290 SV-17411r1_rule DCSD-1 Low
Backup and recovery procedures are critical to the availability and protection of the Sun Ray system. Availability of the system will be hindered if the system is compromised, shutdown, or not available. Backup and recovery of the Sun Ray system includes the operating system, applications, and databases. Due to the complexity of the Sun Ray system and potential third party applications, procedures will need to be developed to provide guidance to system administrators. Without a process in place describing the steps to backup and recover the Sun Ray system, backups and recoveries may be inconsistent based on the system administrator performing the action. Furthermore, if a system administrator would leave the position, there will be no documentation on the process to backup or recover the system.
Sun Ray 4 Policy STIG 2015-04-02


Check Text ( C-17300r1_chk )
Request a copy of the procedures to backup the Sun Ray system. If the documentation cannot be produced, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-16441r1_fix)
Produce backup documentation for the Sun Ray system.