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Splunk Enterprise must be configured to back up the log records repository at least every seven days onto a different system or system component other than the system or component being audited.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-221612 SPLK-CL-000105 SV-221612r879582_rule Low
Protection of log data includes ensuring log data is not accidentally lost or deleted. Backing up log records to a different system or onto separate media than the system being audited on an organizationally defined frequency helps to ensure that in the event of a catastrophic system failure, the log records will be retained. This helps to ensure that a compromise of the information system being audited does not also result in a compromise of the log records. This requirement only applies to applications that have a native backup capability for log records. Operating system backup requirements cover applications that do not provide native backup functions.
Splunk Enterprise 7.x for Windows Security Technical Implementation Guide 2023-06-09


Check Text ( C-23327r416293_chk )
Interview the SA to verify that a process exists to back up the Splunk log data every seven days, using the underlying OS backup tools, or another approved backup tool.

If a backup plan does not exist for the Splunk log data, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-23316r416294_fix)
Implement a backup plan for the Splunk log data, following the Splunk documentation on backing up indexed data. Use the underlying OS backup tools, or another approved backup tool.