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A file integrity tool must be used at least weekly to check for unauthorized file changes, particularly the addition of unauthorized system libraries or binaries, or for unauthorized modification to authorized system libraries or binaries.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-218048 RHEL-06-000302 SV-218048r505923_rule Medium
By default, AIDE does not install itself for periodic execution. Periodically running AIDE may reveal unexpected changes in installed files.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2020-09-03


Check Text ( C-19529r377159_chk )
To determine that periodic AIDE execution has been scheduled, run the following command:

# grep aide /etc/crontab /etc/cron.*/*

If there is no output or if aide is not run at least weekly, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-19527r377160_fix)
AIDE should be executed on a periodic basis to check for changes. To implement a daily execution of AIDE at 4:05am using cron, add the following line to /etc/crontab:

05 4 * * * root /usr/sbin/aide --check

AIDE can be executed periodically through other means; this is merely one example.