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The openldap-servers package must not be installed unless required.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-218010 RHEL-06-000256 SV-218010r505923_rule Low
Unnecessary packages should not be installed to decrease the attack surface of the system.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2020-09-03


Check Text ( C-19491r377045_chk )
To verify the "openldap-servers" package is not installed, run the following command:

$ rpm -q openldap-servers

The output should show the following.

package openldap-servers is not installed

If it does not, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-19489r377046_fix)
The "openldap-servers" package should be removed if not in use.

# yum erase openldap-servers

The openldap-servers RPM is not installed by default on RHEL6 machines. It is needed only by the OpenLDAP server, not by the clients which use LDAP for authentication. If the system is not intended for use as an LDAP Server it should be removed.