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Application object owner accounts must be disabled when not performing installation or maintenance actions.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-219851 O121-BP-024000 SV-219851r401224_rule Medium
Object ownership provides all database object permissions to the owned object. Access to the application object owner accounts requires special protection to prevent unauthorized access and use of the object ownership privileges. In addition to the high privileges to application objects assigned to this account, it is also an account that, by definition, is not accessed interactively except for application installation and maintenance. This reduced access to the account means that unauthorized access to the account could go undetected. To help protect the account, it must be enabled only when access is required.
Oracle Database 12c Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-06-13


Check Text ( C-21562r533086_chk )
Run the SQL query:

select distinct o.owner from dba_objects o, dba_users u
where o.owner not in

and o.object_type <> 'SYNONYM'
and o.owner = username
and upper(account_status) not like '%LOCKED%';

(With respect to the list of special accounts that are excluded from this requirement, it is expected that the DBA will maintain the list to suit local circumstances, adding special accounts as necessary and removing any that are not supposed to be in use in the Oracle deployment that is under review.)

To obtain a list of users assigned DBA privileges, run the query:

select grantee from dba_role_privs where granted_role = 'DBA';

If any records are returned, then verify the account is an authorized application object owner account or a default account installed to support an Oracle product.

Verify that any objects owned by custom DBA accounts are for the personal use of that DBA.

If any objects are used to support applications or any functions other than DBA functions, this is a finding.

Any unauthorized object owner accounts are not a finding under this check as they are noted as findings under check O121-C2-011000.

Any other accounts listed are a finding.
Fix Text (F-21561r533087_fix)
Disable any application object owner accounts.

From SQL*Plus:
alter user [username] account lock;

Enable application object owner accounts only for installation and maintenance.

DBAs are special purpose accounts and do not require disabling although they may own objects.

For application objects that require routine maintenance, e.g. index objects, to maintain performance, consider allowing a special purpose account to own the index or enable the application owner account for the duration of the routine maintenance function only.