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An Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) sensor must be deployed to monitor network segments that house network security management servers.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-18493 NET-IDPS-019 SV-20028r2_rule Medium
The initial step in IDPS deployment is determining where sensors should be placed. Because attacks originate at the enclave perimeter and within the enclave boundary an IDPS implementation at the enclave perimeter only will not suffice. By placing IDPS technology throughout the Enterprise Regional enclaves and stand-alone enclaves, system administrators can track the spread of attacks and take corrective actions to prevent attacks reaching critical resources.
Network Infrastructure Policy Security Technical Implementation Guide 2019-03-12


Check Text ( C-21127r3_chk )
Review the management network topology and verify network security management servers are being monitored by an IDPS.

If an IDPS sensor is not deployed to monitor all segments housing network security management servers, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-19083r1_fix)
Install an IDPS to monitor and protect the Management Network (management subnet or OOB network).