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The IIS 8.5 web server remote authors or content providers must only use secure encrypted logons and connections to upload web server content.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-214399 IISW-SV-000100 SV-214399r508658_rule Medium
Logging onto a web server remotely using an unencrypted protocol or service when performing updates and maintenance is a major risk. Data, such as user account, is transmitted in plaintext and can easily be compromised. When performing remote administrative tasks, a protocol or service that encrypts the communication channel must be used. An alternative to remote administration of the web server is to perform web server administration locally at the console. Local administration at the console implies physical access to the server.
Microsoft IIS 8.5 Server Security Technical Implementation Guide 2020-09-25


Check Text ( C-15609r310245_chk )
If web administration is performed at the console, this check is NA.

If web administration is performed remotely the following checks will apply:

If administration of the server is performed remotely, it will only be performed securely by system administrators.

If website administration or web application administration has been delegated, those users will be documented and approved by the ISSO.

Remote administration must be in compliance with any requirements contained within the Windows Server STIGs, and any applicable Network STIGs.

Remote administration of any kind will be restricted to documented and authorized personnel.

All users performing remote administration must be authenticated.

All remote sessions will be encrypted and they will utilize FIPS 140-2-approved protocols.

FIPS 140-2-approved TLS versions include TLS V1.1 or greater.

Review with site management how remote administration, if applicable, is configured on the website.

If remote management meets the criteria listed above, this is not a finding.

If remote management is utilized and does not meet the criteria listed above, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-15607r310246_fix)
Ensure the web server administration is only performed over a secure path.