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Web email must use standard ports and protocols.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
EXCH-CA-104 EXCH-CA-104 EXCH-CA-104_rule Medium
PPSM standard defined ports and protocols must be used for all Exchange services. The standard port for HTTP connections is 80 and the standard port for HTTPS connections is 443. Changing the ports to non-standard values provides only temporary and limited protection against automated attacks since these attacks will not likely connect to the custom port. However, a determined attacker may still be able to determine which ports are used for the HTTP and HTTPS protocols by performing a comprehensive port scan. Negative impacts to using nonstandard ports include complexity for the system administrator, custom configurations for connecting clients, risk of port conflict with non-exchange applications, and risk of incompatibility with standard port monitoring applications.
Microsoft Exchange 2010 Client Access Server Role 2012-05-31


Check Text ( C-_chk )
Open a Windows PowerShell Module and enter the following command.

Get-WebBinding -Name <'WebSiteName'>| Format-List

If the Web binding values are not on standard ports, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-_fix)
Have the web site administrator configure the correct ports according to the PPSM standards.