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The Kubernetes Scheduler must enforce ports, protocols, and services (PPS) that adhere to the Ports, Protocols, and Services Management Category Assurance List (PPSM CAL).


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-242411 CNTR-K8-000930 SV-242411r863987_rule Medium
Kubernetes Scheduler PPS must be controlled and conform to the PPSM CAL. Those ports, protocols, and services that fall outside the PPSM CAL must be blocked. Instructions on the PPSM can be found in DoD Instruction 8551.01 Policy.
Kubernetes Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-12-02


Check Text ( C-45686r863829_chk )
Change to the /etc/kubernetes/manifests/ directory on the Kubernetes Control Plane. Run the command:
grep kube-scheduler.manifest -I -insecure-port
grep kube-scheduler.manifest -I -secure-port
-edit manifest file:
Review livenessProbe:
Review ports:
- containerPort:
- containerPort:
Run Command:
kubectl describe services –all-namespace
Search labels for any scheduler names spaces.

Any manifest and namespace PPS configuration not in compliance with PPSM CAL is a finding.

Review the information systems documentation and interview the team, gain an understanding of the Scheduler architecture, and determine applicable PPS. Any PPS in the system documentation not in compliance with the CAL PPSM is a finding. Any PPSs not set in the system documentation is a finding.

Review findings against the most recent PPSM CAL:

Verify Scheduler network boundary with the PPS associated with the CAL Assurance Categories. Any PPS not in compliance with the CAL Assurance Category requirements is a finding.
Fix Text (F-45644r712588_fix)
Amend any system documentation requiring revision. Update Kubernetes Scheduler manifest and namespace PPS configuration to comply with the PPSM CAL.