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The Kubernetes kubelet configuration files must have file permissions set to 644 or more restrictive.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-242407 CNTR-K8-000890 SV-242407r863983_rule Medium
The kubelet configuration file contains the runtime configuration of the kubelet service. If an attacker can gain access to this file, changes can be made to open vulnerabilities and bypass user authorizations inherit within Kubernetes with RBAC implemented.
Kubernetes Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-09-13


Check Text ( C-45682r863818_chk )
On the Control Plane and worker nodes, change to the /etc/kubernetes/manifest directory. Run the command:
ls -l kubelet

Each kubelet configuration file must have permissions of "644" or more restrictive.

If any kubelet configuration file is less restrictive than "644", this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-45640r863819_fix)
On the Control Plane, change to the /etc/kubernetes/manifest directory. Run the command:
chmod 644 kubelet

To verify the change took place, run the command:
ls -l kubelet

The kubelet file should now have the permissions of "644".