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The HP FlexFabric Switch must be configured to disable non-essential capabilities.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-65961 HFFS-L2-000001 SV-80451r1_rule Medium
A compromised switch introduces risk to the entire network infrastructure as well as data resources that are accessible via the network. The perimeter defense has no oversight or control of attacks by malicious users within the network. Preventing network breaches from within is dependent on implementing a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy, including securing each device connected to the network. This is accomplished by following and implementing all security guidance applicable for each node type. A fundamental step in securing each switch is to enable only the capabilities required for operation.
HP FlexFabric Switch L2S Security Technical Implementation Guide 2018-12-21


Check Text ( C-66609r1_chk )
Review the HP FlexFabric Switch configuration to determine if services or functions not required for operation, or not related to switch functionality, are enabled.

If unnecessary services and functions are enabled on the HP FlexFabric Switch, this is a finding.

[HP] display ftp-server
FTP is not configured.

[HP] display current-configuration | include telnet

Note: When Telnet server is enabled, the output for this command is telnet server enable.
Fix Text (F-72037r1_fix)
Remove unneeded services and functions from the HP FlexFabric Switch. Removal is recommended since the service or function may be inadvertently enabled otherwise. However, if removal is not possible, disable the service or function.

Disable unsecure protocols and services on the HP FlexFabric Switch:

[HP] undo ftp server enable
[HP] undo telnet server enable

Note: By default, both FTP and Telnet services are disabled.