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Before a Secure WLAN (SWLAN) becomes operational and is connected to the SIPRNet the Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA) must be notified.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-18583 WIR0220 SV-20127r1_rule ECWN-1 Medium
Wireless signals are extremely vulnerable to both detection and interception, which can provide an adversary with the location and intensity of particular DoD activities and potentially reveal classified DoD information. TEMPEST reviews provide assurance that unacceptable risks have been identified and mitigated.
Harris SecNet 11 / 54 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) 2014-04-07


Check Text ( C-22006r1_chk )
Review documentation. Verify the local CTTA has been notified of the site’s intent to install and operate a SWLAN. Mark as a finding if the local CTTA has not been notified.
Fix Text (F-34119r1_fix)
Notify the CTTA of the need to review the SWLAN.