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The EDB Postgres Advanced Server must provide an immediate real-time alert to appropriate support staff of all audit log failures.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-213624 PPS9-00-008100 SV-213624r508024_rule Medium
It is critical for the appropriate personnel to be aware if a system is at risk of failing to process audit logs as required. Without a real-time alert, security personnel may be unaware of an impending failure of the audit capability, and system operation may be adversely affected. The appropriate support staff include, at a minimum, the ISSO and the DBA/SA. A failure of database auditing will result in either the database continuing to function without auditing or in a complete halt to database operations. When audit processing fails, appropriate personnel must be alerted immediately to avoid further downtime or unaudited transactions Alerts provide organizations with urgent messages. Real-time alerts provide these messages immediately (i.e., the time from event detection to alert occurs in seconds or less).
EDB Postgres Advanced Server Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-06-13


Check Text ( C-14846r495386_chk )
Review Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) alert settings, OS, or third-party logging software settings to determine whether a real-time alert will be sent to the appropriate personnel when auditing fails for any reason.

If real-time alerts are not sent upon auditing failure, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-14844r290185_fix)
Install PEM and configure audit failure event alerting as documented here: http://www.enterprisedb.com/docs/en/5.0/pemgetstarted/PEM_Getting_Started_Guide.1.28.html

An example for creating an alert that ensure the audit directory does not fill up is included below, using the thin client (browser) PEM interface. Refer also to the Supplemental Procedures document, supplied with this STIG.

Open the PEM web console in a browser

- Log in
- Click on the agent for the machine to be monitored
- Select "Management | Probe Configuration"
- Select "Disk Space" and set the check interval as you like
- Select "Management | Alerting"
- Name the definition "Audit Log Full"
- Select Template "Disk Consumption Percentage"
- Set Frequency, Comparison Operator, and Thresholds (1 minute, >,
95/96/97 for example)
- Enter the Mount Point for where the audit log is
- Click Notification tab
- Click Email all alerts
- Click "Execute Script" on Monitored Server