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The Cisco switch must be configured to generate audit records containing the full-text recording of privileged commands.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-220530 CISC-ND-000330 SV-220530r508536_rule Medium
Reconstruction of harmful events or forensic analysis is not possible if audit records do not contain enough information. Organizations consider limiting the additional audit information to only that information explicitly needed for specific audit requirements. The additional information required is dependent on the type of information (i.e., sensitivity of the data and the environment within which it resides). At a minimum, the organization must audit full-text recording of privileged commands. The organization must maintain audit trails in sufficient detail to reconstruct events to determine the cause and impact of compromise.
Cisco IOS XE Switch NDM Security Technical Implementation Guide 2021-09-16


Check Text ( C-22245r508534_chk )
Review the Cisco switch configuration to verify that it is compliant with this requirement. The configuration example below will log all configuration changes.

log config
logging enable

Note: Configuration changes can be viewed using the show archive log config all command.

If the Cisco switch is not configured to generate audit records of configuration changes, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-22234r508535_fix)
Configure the Cisco switch to log all configuration changes as shown in the example below:

SW4(config-archive)#log config
SW4(config-archive-log-cfg)#logging enable