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Apple iOS must encrypt iTunes backups.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-54277 AIOS-02-080017 SV-68523r1_rule High
When syncing an iOS device to a computer running iTunes, iTunes will prompt the user to back up the iOS device. If the performed backup is not encrypted, this could lead to the unauthorized disclosure of DoD-sensitive information if non-DoD personnel are able to access that machine. By forcing the backup to be encrypted, this greatly mitigates the risk of compromising sensitive data. iTunes backup and USB connections to computers are not authorized, but this control provides defense-in-depth for cases in which a user violates policy either intentionally or inadvertently. SFR ID: FMT_SMF.1.1 #42
Apple iOS 8 Interim Security Configuration Guide 2014-09-16


Check Text ( C-54913r2_chk )
Review configuration settings to confirm “Force encrypted backups” is enabled.

This check procedure is performed on both the iOS management tool and the iOS device.

Note: If an organization has multiple configuration profiles, then the check procedure must be performed on the relevant configuration profiles applicable to the scope of the review.

In the iOS management tool, verify "Force encrypted backups" is checked.

Alternatively, verify the text "forceEncryptedBackup" appears in the configuration profile (.mobileconfig file).

On the iOS device:
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap "General".
3. Tap "Profiles" or "Profiles & Device Management" or "Device Management".
4. Tap the Configuration Profile from the iOS management tool containing the restrictions policy.
5. Tap "Restrictions".
6. Verify "Encrypted backups enforced" is listed.

If "Force encrypted backups" is unchecked in the iOS management tool, or "forceEncryptedBackup" appears in the configuration profile, or the restrictions policy on the iOS device from the iOS management tool does not list "Encrypted backups enforced", this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-59131r1_fix)
Install a Configuration Profile to force encrypted backups to iTunes.