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A private web server must have a valid DoD server certificate.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-2263 WG350 W22 SV-33141r1_rule IATS-1 IATS-2 Medium
This check verifies that DoD is a hosted web site's CA. The certificate is actually a DoD-issued server certificate used by the organization being reviewed. This is used to verify the authenticity of the web site to the user. If the certificate is not for the server (Certificate belongs to), if the certificate is not issued by DoD (Certificate was issued by), or if the current date is not included in the valid date (Certificate is valid from), then there is no assurance that the use of the certificate is valid. The entire purpose of using a certificate is, therefore, compromised.
APACHE SITE 2.0 for Windows 2015-08-27


Check Text ( C-33793r1_chk )
Open browser window and browse to the appropriate site. Before entry to the site, you should be presented with the server's DoD PKI credentials. Review these credentials for authenticity.

Find an entry which cites:

OU = DoD
O = U.S. Government
C = US

If the server is running as a public web server, this finding should be Not Applicable.

NOTE: In some cases, the web servers are configured in an environment to support load balancing. This configuration most likely utilizes a content switch to control traffic to the various web servers. In this situation, the SSL certificate for the web sites may be installed on the content switch vs. the individual web sites. This solution is acceptable as long as the web servers are isolated from the general population LAN. Users should not have the ability to bypass the content switch to access the web sites.
Fix Text (F-29437r1_fix)
Configure the private web site to use a valid DoD certificate.