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PKI certificates (server and clients) must be issued by the DoD PKI or an approved External Certificate Authority (ECA).


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-14820 DS00.2140_AD SV-16174r2_rule IAKM-1 IAKM-2 IATS-1 IATS-2 High
A PKI implementation depends on the practices established by the Certificate Authority to ensure that the implementation is secure. Without proper practices, the certificates issued by a CA have limited value in authentication functions. The use of multiple CAs from separate PKI implementations results in interoperability issues. If servers and clients do not have a common set of root CA certificates, they are not able to authenticate each other.
Active Directory Service 2003 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) 2011-05-20


Check Text ( C-34273r1_chk )
Server Certificate Procedures:

1. With the assistance of the application SA, display the PKI certificate(s) being used by the domain controller itself.
a. Start a Certificates management console for the local computer. If one does not exist, use the notes below to create one.

2. Select and expand the Certificates (Local Computer) entry in the left pane.

3. Select and expand the Personal entry in the left pane.

4. Select the Certificates entry in the left pane.

5. Examine the “Issued By” field for the certificate to determine the issuing CA.

6. If the Issued By field of the PKI certificate being used by the domain controller does not indicate that the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) is part of the DoD PKI or an approved ECA, then this is a finding.

Supplemental Notes:

There are multiple sources from which lists of valid DoD CAs and approved ECAs can be obtained:
-- The Global Directory Service (GDS) web site provides an online source. The address for this site is https://crl.gds.disa.mil.
-- DoD Public Key Enablement (PKE) Engineering Support maintains the InstallRoot utility to manage DoD supported root certificates on Windows computers. The utility package can be downloaded from https://powhatan.iiie.disa.mil/pki-pke/landing_pages/admins.html and it includes a list of authorized CAs.
Fix Text (F-15006r2_fix)
Use PKI certificates that are issued by the DoD PKI or an approved External Certificate Authority (ECA).