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ECWM-1 Warning Message


All users are warned that they are entering a Government information system, and are provided with appropriate privacy and security notices to include statements informing them that they are subject to monitoring, recording and auditing.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
Low Enclave Computing Environment


The use of warning banners on computers and networks provides legal notice to anyone accessing them that they are using a U.S. Government system that is subject to monitoring, recording, and auditing.  Users also being notified of possible sanctions, such as loss of privileges or even prosecution, if they misuse or access the network without authorization help mitigate malicious activity.

1. A warning banner shall be displayed after a successful log-on and this includes banners for internal and local logins as well as external logins.
2. The following elements shall be included in the warning message:
  a. use of the application constitutes the user’s consent to monitoring,
  b. use of the application is limited to official US Government business only,
  c. unauthorized use is subject to criminal prosecution, and
  d. notice that this is a DOD system.


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