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ECAR-1 Audit Record Content – Public Systems


Audit records include:   · User ID.   · Successful and unsuccessful attempts to access security files.   · Date and time of the event.   · Type of event.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
PUBLIC Low Enclave Computing Environment


Insufficient security related information recorded in the audit trails cannot support effective and efficient detection of security violations.  This implementation guide is aimed to help system administrators implement proper audit configuration to provide effective detection of security problems.

1. The system administrator shall select security events within the auditing capability that can be provided by the system components in accordance with DISA STIGs for auditing related to operating system, database, and application.
2. The system administrator shall configure each audit event to record sufficient information in the audit trails such as date/time of the event, user ID, source, target, type of event, and success/failure.
3. The system administrator shall test the auditing capability to ensure that the audit trails record required security events; each event contains sufficient information to support security investigation; and the auditing capability does not affect system operations.


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