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EBRU-1 Remote Access for User Functions


All remote access to DoD information systems, to include telework access, is mediated through a managed access control point, such as a remote access server in a DMZ. Remote access always uses encryption to protect the confidentiality of the session. The session-level encryption equals or exceeds the robustness established in ECCT. Authenticators are restricted to those that offer strong protection against spoofing. Information regarding remote access mechanisms (e.g., Internet address, dial-up connection telephone number) is protected.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
High Enclave Boundary Defense


Remote access allows users to interact with enclave resources from afar.  This convenience introduces inherent risks such as spoofing and brute force attacks.  Proper security precautions such as a properly configured remote access server in a DMZ along with approved encryption techniques minimize the chance of network compromise and attack.

1. All remote access connections shall authentic network users and encrypt transmitted data by using approved access controls and cryptographic means.
2. Components shall establish a process for managing remote access user accounts to include prompt account removal or disablement as warranted.
3. Components shall take steps to ensure remote access numbers or Internet addresses are secure.
4. Refer to DoD or other applicable guidance for proper connection requirements and procedures.


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