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CODB-3 Data Backup Procedures


Data backup is accomplished by maintaining a redundant secondary system, not co-located, that can be activated without loss of data or disruption to the operation.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
MACI Medium Continuity


Mission-critical data  is at risk of corruption or loss if a redundant secondary system is not available for backup procedures.  Maintaining a secondary system that is identical to the original is essential to ensuring the integrity and availability of data in the event of an incident.  Practicing Data Backup Procedures annually or biannually ensures adherence to proper procedures, as well as  an understanding of these procedures.

This guidance is written for  System Administrators with backup privileges:
1. For site data backup, ensure that a redundant secondary system, identical in configuration and processing capacity to the original, and not collocated with the original is available.
2. Ensure that access to the secondary system is available 24/7 and that resources are available to activate the secondary system without loss of data or disruption to the system operation.
3. Ensure that an un-interrupted power supply (UPS) is available and operational for the redundant secondary system in order to ensure adequate activation and operation in the event of an incident.


  • DoD Directive 3020.26, Defense Continuity Program, 08 September 2004