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Number Title Impact Priority Subject Area
SC-15 Collaborative Computing Devices LOW P1 System And Communications Protection

The information system:
Prohibits remote activation of collaborative computing devices with the following exceptions: Assignment: organization-defined exceptions where remote activation is to be allowed; and
Provides an explicit indication of use to users physically present at the devices.
Collaborative computing devices include, for example, networked white boards, cameras, and microphones. Explicit indication of use includes, for example, signals to users when collaborative computing devices are activated.

SC-15 (1) Physical Disconnect
Failing to physically disconnect from collaborative computing devices can result in subsequent compromises of organizational information. Providing easy methods to physically disconnect from such devices after a collaborative computing session helps to ensure that participants actually carry out the disconnect activity without having to go through complex and tedious procedures.

The information system provides physical disconnect of collaborative computing devices in a manner that supports ease of use.

SC-15 (2) Blocking Inbound / Outbound Communications Traffic

Withdrawn: Incorporated into SC-7.

SC-15 (3) Disabling / Removal In Secure Work Areas
Failing to disable or remove collaborative computing devices from information systems or information system components can result in subsequent compromises of organizational information including, for example, eavesdropping on conversations.

The organization disables or removes collaborative computing devices from Assignment: organization-defined information systems or information system components in Assignment: organization-defined secure work areas.

SC-15 (4) Explicitly Indicate Current Participants
This control enhancement helps to prevent unauthorized individuals from participating in collaborative computing sessions without the explicit knowledge of other participants.

The information system provides an explicit indication of current participants in Assignment: organization-defined online meetings and teleconferences.