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Number Title Impact Priority Subject Area
AT-2 Security Awareness Training LOW P1 Awareness And Training

The organization provides basic security awareness training to information system users (including managers, senior executives, and contractors):
As part of initial training for new users;
When required by information system changes; and
Assignment: organization-defined frequency thereafter.
Organizations determine the appropriate content of security awareness training and security awareness techniques based on the specific organizational requirements and the information systems to which personnel have authorized access. The content includes a basic understanding of the need for information security and user actions to maintain security and to respond to suspected security incidents. The content also addresses awareness of the need for operations security. Security awareness techniques can include, for example, displaying posters, offering supplies inscribed with security reminders, generating email advisories/notices from senior organizational officials, displaying logon screen messages, and conducting information security awareness events.

AT-2 (1) Practical Exercises
Practical exercises may include, for example, no-notice social engineering attempts to collect information, gain unauthorized access, or simulate the adverse impact of opening malicious email attachments or invoking, via spear phishing attacks, malicious web links.

The organization includes practical exercises in security awareness training that simulate actual cyber attacks.

AT-2 (2) Insider Threat MODERATE
Potential indicators and possible precursors of insider threat can include behaviors such as inordinate, long-term job dissatisfaction, attempts to gain access to information not required for job performance, unexplained access to financial resources, bullying or sexual harassment of fellow employees, workplace violence, and other serious violations of organizational policies, procedures, directives, rules, or practices. Security awareness training includes how to communicate employee and management concerns regarding potential indicators of insider threat through appropriate organizational channels in accordance with established organizational policies and procedures.

The organization includes security awareness training on recognizing and reporting potential indicators of insider threat.